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Welcome to the PokemonOmega WikiEdit

Pokémon Omega is a free online Pokémon game, where you can explore the world, hunt for wild Pokémon, raise a team and much more. It's being developed by Quil, Wuggles, (Grovyle) and Mrn since June 2009. It's still under construction, so while you're playing the game, every now and often there will be new locations, new Pokémon and new features for you to make it even more fun. We let you know when there is an update in Pokémon Omega, so be amazed! Come Play at:

Why should you play PokemonOmega?Edit

Pokémon Omega is a free to play online Pokémon Game, which you can play anytime as long you have an account.
Once you've signed up, you can log on every time you like.

Choose an overworld-sprite which you like the most, choose your favourite starter Pokémon, and start exploring a whole new world, with new beautiful maps to catch Pokémon on.
What makes Pokémon Omega so special, is the user friendly lay-out. It's made so you can do everything without getting lost in your web browser.
You can easily navigate through your inbox, boxes and the colors will make you feel at ease. We've got an enhanced Trading system, which allows you to get exactly what you want while trading.

We're also the first online Pokémon game with official Pokémon data. Now you do not only have to think about type match-ups, but also about stats and natures, to give you the real Pokémon atmosphere while playing Pokémon Omega. So also for the real deal Pokémon trainers among us, you don't have to worry about getting too strong in just a few minutes of playing.

This game is programmed with AJAX-techniques, which makes the gameplay somewhat quicker, and without refreshes, for an easy and comfortable feel. It will make you play as if you're really playing, and not just mashing on arrows to walk a step per minute.

And there is more! Pokémon Omega comes with an unique ranking system. You get ranked on your trainerpoints, which you can achieve by for example winning battles, completing special events, getting achievements, et cetera.
We also come with animated battles and an easy-to-use travel system, which includes an interactive worldmap, so you can travel around the whole world we offer.
And this is only the bèta version! Much more unique and awesome content will come!

Are you ready to start a new adventure? Sign up now!

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